After concerts in Washington and Miami, the musician Marcelo Jeneci performs in New York, on Sunday at Drom, the farewell concert of his American tour, which is supported by the Foreign Ministry. We took the opportunity to ask the singer-songwriter about the expectations on stage regarding the language barrier. "I’m hoping that the music speaks louder," said the partner of names such as Arnaldo Antunes and Vanessa da Mata and one of the great revelations of the recent MPB.

* To connect with the Americans, however, Jeneci prepared an English version of "Feito pra Acabar," written by David Treece, who’s also the translator of some of Guimarães Rosa’s works. "I really like the song’s message and wanted to hear it in the most powerful language in the world. The first time I sang it, I was very excited, my voice even choked up," he said. Do you want to know the original song? Check it out:

By Pedro Henrique França, from New York