At the beginning of the year, sisters Bia Pimenta Camargo and Bel Lati have decided to shut down Depósito São Martinho, decor shop of objects they scavenged in Brazil and around the world. Without the space, a group of loyal customers asked for more and, lucky for them, the were able to provide. On September 15, the sisters are back with a new project, with a more itinerant feel to it: Casavia will run for four days in empty houses that are for rent, and will open elsewhere else in two or three months, for another four days.

* The pieces will follow the same line of Depósito São Martinho, but every season has a theme. The first at a house in Jardim Paulistano, and it’s inspired by Notting Hill. The house will have a red door, but you’ll have to stop by to see what’s inside," jokes Bia.

Bia Pimenta Camargo e Bel Lati: new venture