Which one is easier: being an F1 racer or model? This was the question Glamurama asked Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, drivers for McLaren, during the team’s party this Sunday, sponsored by Hugo Boss, brand of which they’re both poster boys. "I think it’s easier being a racer. It’s more natural for me, since I’ve been racing since I was little,” said Button. Lewis, on the other hand, has a different opinion. "It’s much easier to model. They dress us in a suit and we look good. Being a pilot requires a lot of dedication."

* And when it comes to fashion, do you want to know the drivers’ style? "I basically wear black or white T-shirts. I prefer the black ones at that. I’m not very vain," says Hamilton. "A T-shirt and jeans. I’m very casual. Of course, to go out I like to put on a good suit, to look good, "says Jenson.

* Oh, Jenson has confessed that he knows nothing about Brazil, but that "some women were charming at the track." Slick …

Lewis Hamilton e Jenson Button: keeping an eye on Brazilian women