There are great news at Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, in Jardins. We are talking about Bistrot La Cocotte, which opened last week. Inspired by the bistros in France, the restaurant is the result of a lot of research from partners Fred Frank, Juscelino Pereira and Pedro Sant’Anna during trips to the country.

* The name was inspired by the rest cocottes, little pans used in many French bistros to serve dishes directly to the table. Very cute! In the new bistro in São Paulo, the cocottes of various sizes, shapes and colors, are also taken to the tables with some of the special recipes, such as mussels mariniere accompanied by parsnip chips, and organic Joanópolis country chicken, served with morilles mushrooms and polenta.

* Oh, and on Tuesday, La Cocotte got some really cool visitors that haveeverything to do with the place: the French chefs Erick Jacquin e Emmanuel Bassoleil. Moreover, the restaurant’s foie gras escalope with green salad and grape sauce is one of Bassoleil’s creations. Yummy!

Emmanuel Bassoleil, Fred Frank, Erick Jacquin and the atmosphere of Bistrot La Cocotte: très chic visit