Riccardo Tisci, the man behind Givenchy’s designs, loves new things. It was he who introduced the Brazilian transexual top model Lea T. to the runways. And he is also the one who thought about putting an albino model in the fashion world. Now, his latest idea was hiring only Asian models to present his latest collection, marked by strong Japanese influence, at Paris Couture Week.

* The show was held on Tuesday and Tisci presented pieces inspired by the work of Kazuo Ohno, the legendary Japanese dancer and choreographer. Kazuo is considered a master of Butoh theater, which blends dance and performing arts. The collection has a romantic feel to it when viewed from the front. On the back, the clothes have a high-tech robotic vibe, with dresses in fluorescent colors. Very different!

Givenchy's Asian models: creations inspired by Butoh theater