Dilma Rousseff really fell in the good graces of the international press. Voted the third most powerful woman in the world by "Forbes" magazine and on a cover story of "Newsweek", the 36th President of Brazil is now featured on the highly respected "The New Yorker," which dedicated no less than 14 pages the politician in its December 5 issue.

* Penned by special correspondent Nicholas Lemann, the story about Dilma is titled "The Anointed" and describes Brazil as a "chaotic democracy." Lemann, who personally met with Dilma and many other heavyweights of the national political scene, spared no criticism of former President Lula, especially because the PT didn’t give due credit to the economic policy of his predecessor, Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

* And while acknowledging that Dilma only reached the plateau with the support of Lula, the reporter found that the two are absolutely different.

President Rousseff: featured in international press