Good news for those unfamiliar with the vast work of Carioca Rodrigo de Souza Leão, who died in 2009 at a psychiatric clinic in Rio: the exhibit "Tudo Vai Ficar da Cor Que Você Quiser" opens this Wednesday at MAM-RJ.

* There are more than 30 canvases, many poems and texts created by Rodrigo in his brief but intense artistic career. Curated by Ramon Mello and Marta Mestre, the exhibition presents an overview of the life of Souza Leão, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was a true representative of our time, even sharing his creations on the Internet, on his blog.

* In the opening, a big party is being thrown by Ramon, curator of Rodrigo’s work and one of the people responsible for the revival of the artist’s memory. Actor Armando Babaioff and Marcio Debellian will take care of the music, while several other artists, such as Omar Salomão, Bruna Renha and Maria Rezende will recite excerpts from poems by Souza Leão.