Jeremy Scott – darling of stars like Madonna, Fergie and Britney Spears – received TV Glamurama, exclusively in the VIP area of the party he throwed on Wednesday at Gig nightclub, in Ipanema. He was very friendly, the only thing the designer asked was to switch places with our reporter, to show his best side.

* Jeremy left the chat run free, showed that it is very fun and that he likes Brazil – and Brazilians. He told us about a something that scared him on the trip from Sao Paulo to Rio and also about something that happend in backstage of a videoclip from Lady – another one of his muse. To complete, he revealed to us what they think when Karl Lagerfeld said he is the only person who could replace him at Chanel. Does he think about taking over the maison? Click here to watch!

Jeremy Scott: Karl Lagerfeld's successor?