As soon as she arrived from the fashion season in Paris, stylist Arianne Phillips stopped by Unique Hotel, checked in, had a quick shower and went to dinner with … Joyce Pascowitch.

* Who brought her along for the ride was the also stylist Flavia Lafer, with Carlos Nader. The table, completed by Ezekiel Dutra, CEO of the Glamurama Group, was one of the most lively. Arianne wanted to know everything about Brazil, about the Amazon, about Bahia. She talked about how good it is to make movies with Tom Ford, who knows a lot about fashion, and her work during concert tours, such as Madonna’s, when she dress not only the star herself, with dozens of costumes and props, but also the dancers.

* Arianne was so chilled and in such a great mood that it didn’t even seem like she’s one of the most important stylists of international fashion. On Wednesday, she is the star of the event Pense Moda (Think Fashion), put together by Camilla Yahne and staff. Her lecture will be at MuBE.

* Oh, and Arianne had lots of guarana – she found it exotic and delicious! – Roasted hearts of palm, picadinho (chopped beef) and farofa, all very Brazilian. For dessert? Coconut ice cream, which she tasted for first time. And she loved it!

Stylist Arianne Phillips: Charming and friendly at a dinner with Joyce Pascowitch