The last days have been full of excitement in Curitiba. It’s that Chico Buarque has been there since Thursday, performing his new show at Teatro Guaira, after five years of absence. Dearer than ever in town – his girlfriend, singer Thais Gulin, is from Curitiba – all four of Chico’s concerts sold out almost immediately after tickets went on sale.

* Thais, who’s been accompanying Chico and introducing him to some places, used the opportunity to quench her longing for “barreado,” a typical dish of the region, in the town of Morretes. "Oh, Parana, how I’ve missed you!" She wrote on her Twitter profile. Chico didn’t go with her on her culinary adventure, as in days of show he usually spends all day getting ready at his hotel room. Check out the shot we have of his dressing room door, in Guairão:

The door of Chico Buarque's dressing room in Curitiba: total concentration