Boni might not have a million friends – despite being almost there – but at least he has the loyalty of the King. The proof? Roberto Carlos, who as everyone knows is not a big fan of hype, attended the launch of “Livro do Boni,” of Leya publisher, on Wednesday, at the Copacabana Palace. The book tells the story of one of the biggest names of Brazilian television. The night, in fact, was very special, since in addition to signing the work, Boni was celebrating his 76th birthday.

* Roberto arrived quietly, almost unnoticed – if that is possible – following the birthday cake, which, of course, had the book cover as decoration. "He didn’t know I’d come, I’d rather have told him, but I was asked not to so I agreed. Boni is a master, not only professionally, but also of life. I’m very proud to be his friend," said Roberto. When they hugged, both men took the opportunity to reminisce about how long they’ve known each other and exchange many words of admiration. It was really beautiful to see.

* Friendship was the most recurring word of the evening, said by both Boni and those who came to honor him. Cid Moreira, Daniel Filho and Manoel Carlos, for example, said they’ve known Boni for over 50 years, a rare commodity nowadays. "Yeah, I can say I’m a lucky guy," Boni summarized, next his wife, Lou de Oliveira, and children, Boninho, Diogo and Bruno Boni.

* Who else stopped by? Fernanda Montenegro, Francisco Cuoco, João Havelange, José Roberto Marinho, Roberto Irineu Marinho, Regina Duarte, Regina Casé and Estevão Ciavatta, Glória Perez, Vera Fischer, Dennis Carvalho, Eike Batista, Luiza Brunet, Cissa Guimarães, Ricardo and Gisella Amaral, Ney Latorraca, Antônio Fagundes… … A huge list.

* But the best, most irreverent lines came from Zeca Pagodinho. While there was the traditional hand-kissing, Zeca, always fun, said: "Boni is my fan, he goes to my shows and everything." Indeed, this was the tone of the night, joy, humor and much, much happiness. Cheers!

Roberto Carlos, Boni and Lou de Oliveira: a lot of joy and a lot of history