Imagine the thrill of watching, in the heart of the Amazon forest, a film that traces the history of Vilas Boas brothers and the creation of the first major Indian park in the country. Because that’s what happened this Thursday, at the world premiere of "Xingu."

* Opening the Amazonas Film Festival, at the legendary Teatro Amazonas, the film was attended by director Cao Hamburger, producer Fernando Meirelles and Andrea Barata Ribeiro, actors Philip Campbell and John Michael, but part of the Indian squad.

* Cao Hamburger welcomed the opportunity to launch the project, sponsored by Natura Ekos, just when the park turns 50. But the producer – and environmental activist – Fernando Meirelles made a point of remembering that "Xingu" comes exactly at a time when people are questioning the mega-projects for development of the Amazon, as well as the disastrous change in the Forest Code. "The film talks about these same mistakes made 50 years ago. It all fits together," stressed Fernando. The film’s nationwide release is in April 2012, but discussions about environmental issues are already in full swing in the Senate. Stay tuned!

"Xingu" by Cao Hamburger: thrills in the Amazon