Patrick Viera initiated Senac Rio Fashion Business, held this week in Rio, with a really beautiful fashion show at the Copacabana Palace. And it was practically a family event. Patricia and Andrea, her daughter, ran everything alongside Felipe Veloso. "I don’t anything without him. He’s a visionary," said Patricia. This Sunday, in fact, Felipe had lunch with Patricia’s family, who sees him as their family stylist. Sean Gabriel de Souza, son of Caca de Souza, was backstage and kept to himself, and was the only man to enter the runway.

* In the first row, a trio called attention: Patricia’s niece, Harley Viera-Newton, alongside with her best friends, Bianca Brandolini and Poppy Delevigne. Poppy and Harley, incidentally, are also friends of Alexa Chung, who is attending the next show in January. Besides the leopard dress that Harley wore – Patricia Viera’s, of course – made with "leather dust," she’s also taking home a white silk shirt of the brand. Soon after the presentation, Harley left to New York.

* Andrea Dellal, who has been in Brazil for a few weeks, was happy with the show and with life. The idea of working with her sister came up during a conversation in London. "It was so spontaneous, I can’t tell you if we’ll do it again or not," she said, unaccompanied by her daughters, Alice, who is in Russia, and Charlotte, who even five months pregnant, is still creating new things for her brand, Charlotte Olympia. Proud grandmother of Little Ray, Andrea can’t wait for the next grandchild to arrive. "We don’t know the sex, just when the baby is born. Charlotte prefers that way," she adds.

* In addition to attentive and very stylish Vera Magalhaes, mother of Patricia, Patricia’s other sister, Maria Cristina, was also there. She, who lives in California and is a partner of the designer Tom Binns, wants to bring his showroom in the next edition of Fashion Business. "Tom is a genius. You give him a string and he’ll make something incredible out of it," she says. She wore Tom Binns’ necklace and bracelet, Azzedine Alaïa’s dress and Givenchy sandals. But what drew the most attention was her bag, brand new creation of the designer. Gorgeous!

* The fashion show left women in awe. The biggest hits? The pieces of cut leather, as shown by Bianca Brandolini’s skirt, and with sequins like Andrea Dellal’s dress. At the end there was a huge line of customers wanting backstage to ensure one of each. The most fun was the song that closed the show: "We Are Family," by the Pointers Sisters. "I made history, I am not fashion, my sister is my greatest inspiration," said Andrea, fulfilled and happy with life, next to her daughter.

Harley Viera-Newton, Bianca Brandolini with Patricia Viera and Maria Cristina, a summer look, Maria Cristina's Tom Binns bag, the first row with Andrea Dellal, Bianca, Harley and another look: busy day at the Copacabana Palace!