Preta Gil will fulfill an old dream: to sing at Mangueira samba school. This is the third edition of Preta’s Pre-New Year’s Eve in Rio, and this time she was invited by Ivo Meirelles, the current president of the school, to perform at the green and pink temple of samba on December 30.

* There’s a great partnership between the two – since she was godmother of the drumming section of Mangueira in 2007 – and Preta was thrilled with the opportunity to sing there, since, until then, she’d only been in front of the drumming section in the other rehearsals . Preparations are afoot, and Glamurama found out that the singer will perform Bloco da Preta with Naldo as a special guest and of course, Mangueira’s drums.

Preta Gil's dream: to sing on the court of Mangueira