In the United States, the veteran lawyer Raoul Felder has been called the "Duke of divorce" – and for good reason: in the last 30 years, he spearheaded several important actions from VIP clients, such as Rudy Giuliani, Peter Cook, model Stephanie Seymour, presenter Luciana Gimenez, among others. He is about to launch a book, "The Good Divorce: How to Walk Away Financially Sound and Emotionally Happy", and decided to comment on divorces that have occupied covers of celebrity newspapers.

* “Eva Longoria and Tony Parker? That’s not really a marriage. No kids only three years. It’s really a long date. Same for Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. Both couples also have their own finances so lifestyles aren’t changing. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James? It reminds me of the story of when Ava Gardner was with Frank and had an affair with a Spanish bullfighter. Humphrey Bogart pulled her aside and said, ‘Where is your head!! Every woman in the world wants to be with Frank Sinatra and you want to be with a guy who wears ballet slippers and a cape.’ Jesse is an idiot… It was a case of humiliation but Sandra is loved and handled it as best she could.” Well said, Duke of Divorce.

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