Camila Pitanga: a nova Júlia de Dancin’ Days?



Camila Pitanga: a nova Júlia de Dancin’ Days?

After Juliana Paes, perhaps now is Camila Pitanga’s turn to give life to a great character of Sonia Braga. At least if it’s up to Gilberto Braga. On Sarah Oliveira’s show “Viva Voz,” the author said he would like to do another remake for TV: “I want to do a remake of Dancin’ Days because I found a woman I believe could play Julia: Camila Pitanga, “he said.

Still on the telenovela that was a hit in the 1970s, he said it’s strongest suit was the cast: “Everybody was in character. The main romantic couple, Antonio Fagundes and Sonia Braga, is the strongest I’ve ever seen in my life. It didn’t even have to be a very good scene. All I had to do was get Fagundes and Sonia together and we were in business.” And who could play Camila’s romantic interest in this new phase?