Ronaldo Fraga is leaving Sao Paulo Fashion Week, after participating in the event for 17 years, with a letter in which he announces the end of his memorable shows in SPFW. "Is fashion over? At least as we knew it, I think so," begins the designer from Minas Gerais, when explaining that he needs to get away from the "automatic mode". According to him, to reconcile shows every six months with partnerships of parallel lines was no longer working.

* One of the reasons for the cancellation of the show is that Ronaldo will give a lecture at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in London, during São Paulo Fashion Week, held in January, in addition to launching a book. For fans of the brand, good news: He won’t be away forever. His reps said that Ronaldo may return to the runways in the future. Good luck, Ronaldo!

Ronaldo Fraga: fleeing from automatic