On Tuesday, Gisele Bundchen made a quick stop at a mall in Sao Paulo, to talk about something crucial to her career: her hair. "I’m too lazy to go to the hairdresser," she said. * And Gisele also said that her hair still suffers a lot from her years on the runways, dryers and flat irons. "Especially in the summer, it gets like a broom, I have to start taking care of it before," said the top. The solution, she says, is to abuse of termoactive products that work with the heat of the dryer and protect the hair from the brushing and flat iron.

* Before leaving, Gisele also said she’s staying in Brazil for a week. She goes back to Boston to take care of little Benjamin’s party, who turns three on the 8th. "I’m sweating to get everything ready," said the top, who didn’t tell the theme of the party not to spoil the surprise. Will the party inaugurate the family’s new mansion in Brentwood, California?

Gisele Bündchen: locks that are worth gold