Leave your shyness at home and get your feathers and sequins: "Cabaret" is in Sao Paulo! Produced by and starring Claudia Raia, translated by Miguel Falabella and directed by José Possi Neto, the musical was staged on Monday, only to guests.

* And the guest list was great. Eduardo Galvão, Rosangela Lyra, Marina Morena, Marisa Orth, Lucia Veríssimo, Fause Haten and Olivier Anquier, among many others. Bethy Lagardere, for instance, came from Rio de Janeiro just to honor her friend Falabella. Both, incidentally, couldn’t stop laughing backstage, along with Claudia, after the play ended.

* The production raised a lot of clapping from the audience, which was involved and charmed by nearly every scene. Not surprisingly, the cast received a standing ovation and countless compliments at the end. "Today it’s a very particular audience. They are friends who came to give me love," says the actress, who got a kiss from her mother, Odette, 88, who made a point of watching her daughter.

* "I was locked in the office for a long time writing the text, I didn’t see any rehearsals, but found it all really beautiful," says Michael. We agree! Oh! And after a perfect performance, the entire cast headed the club The Society, where there was a party to celebrate their success.

Claudia Raia in "Cabaret": successful evening