Seu Jorge will live a historical moment in his career on November 20. He’ll record the DVD of the album "Música Para Churrasco: Volume 1" ("Barbecue Music: Volume 1"), right in the Black Awareness Day, on a stage erected in the middle of the Quinta da Boa Vista, in Rio. One of the most beautiful places in the city!

* Want more? The recording will also have the special appearance of Caetano Veloso, Trio Preto and Alexandre Pires. "It’s a wonderful coincidence I get to record my DVD on that day. Since I am black, it will be a convenient day for me to celebrate my victories, the victory of my people and record it all on my new project," said Seu Jorge. Oh, and FYI: it’s all for free. Just come and enjoy.

Seu Jorge will record his DVD in Rio: emblematic date