Do you know whose birthday is on Monday, glamurettes? The diva Alcyone’s. The singer, of course, will not let the date pass. She’s gathering dear friends and family members in a grand celebration at her house in Barra, soon, with great music. Since many singers friends have confirmed their presence, the jam sessions will be very welcome. "Anyone who’s in the mood can sing, no obligations, but there will definitely be lots of music," said Alcyone.

* Want to know what will be served? Lots of food from Maranhão: crab pie, cuxá rice, shrimp pie and typical sweets. The classic Guaraná Jesus is also on the menu. FYI: as a gift, Alcione asked guests to bring two toys, a girl’s and a boy’s. "Then I’ll have another party at Christmas, to distribute them to families in need."

Alcione: birthday with friends