23.05.2011  /  12:00

In English

Maria Flor, to play with a cliché, is really blossoming internationally. She just recorded the movie "360", by Fernando Meirelles, alongside Anthony Hopkins and Ben Foster in Vienna and London. And if you think they made it easier for her as she worked on her first English-language project, you’re wrong.

* Ben Foster, for example, refused to meet Maria before the shooting. Since their characters didn’t know each other, he preferred to leave the surprise factor for the time when the cameras were on. But that didn’t stop the actress, who liked the idea and was game for it, no problems.

* Flor made a great impression to Anthony Hopkins, with whom she shot most of the scenes. Their takes were so good that the actor sent an email Fernando Meirelles praising the actress! "I enjoyed working with little Maria – she is very talented and beautiful," Hopkins wrote.

* After filming, Maria went to Los Angeles to meet with some producers for possible new projects. Now, after so much work, she will take some months off and enjoy Eastern Europe with her mother. She earned it!

Maria Flor with Fernando Meirelles and Anthony Hopkins: shooting "360"