30.06.2011  /  16:00

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The mansion that belonged to Katharine Hepburn went on sale this week for US$ 18 million, according to CBS. Located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the house has an area of more than 8,368 m², six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a private beach, and was built in 1913 and renovated in 1938, after being hit by a hurricane.

* It’s worth noting that property value inflated considerably in recent years. Its last owners, Barbara and Frank Sciame, bought it for US$ 6 million. A large area that was part of the property was divided into two lots, but the buyer who desires a little more room can take it all for $ 28 million. Some say that in 1938 Katherine lost an Oscar statuette there …

The mansion where Katharine Hepburn lived: for sale