06.06.2011  /  16:00

In English

Olivia Palermo, who walked the catwalk for Coca-Cola Clothing on Thursday, had a tight schedule. After the show, she ran back to hotel Fasano, dined at Sushi Leblon and went to a party at Espaço Acústica, in downtown Rio

* She came, smiled, took pictures and went to the cabin, isolated by two bodyguards, and stayed there drinking only water and dancing in her seat. Wearing a white dress and sandals Roberto Cavalli, Olivia talked to Glamurama. "I was not nervous for show, but I was a little tense when I saw that the lace of the sandal was untied," she said.

* Then she climbed onto the terrace overlooking downtown, and cheered by DJ. " Are the parties here in Brazil always like this? I like the vibe and the mix of people. Too bad I can’t do too much, since my flight leaves at dawn," she added. And that was it, ten minutes later, even before 1am, Palermo went away. But she promises to return.

Olivia Palermo: a quick trip to Rio de Janeiro