12.12.2011  /  16:00

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The district of Madureira, in Rio, famous for being the home of Portela, will turn into a sort of Bahia embassy in the city until Carnival.The samba school parades in Rio Sapucaí in 2012 with the theme "E o Povo na Rua Cantando É Feito uma Reza, um Ritual…", doing a great tribute to Bahia.

* On Friday, in fact, Madureira will receive the visit from one of the main ambassadors of the state, singer Daniela Mercury. She will sing during the school rehearsal, which happens in Paulo da Portela Square, from 8 pm, songs such as “Portela na Avenida”, “O Canto da Cidade” and "Swing da Cor," in addition to Portela’s theme samba of 2012. It will be one of those parties!

Daniela Mercury: show during Portela's rehearsal in Madureira!